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Update: DarkRP has reopened! The IP is "" come and join in!


Status: Closed




Deathrun is a Garry's Mod Gamemode where there are 2 teams. Runners and Deaths. The Runners have to dodge there way through a series of traps which the death will set off to attempt to kill the runner so they will not get to the end to kill the death. The Deaths have to try and stop the Runners from reaching the end by setting off a series of traps to kill the Runners so that they will not reach the end to attempt to kill the death.


Our server has a lot of different things included which most other deathrun servers do not have. We have a timed rank system where depending how long you have been on the server, you will be given a certain time rank on the server. Along with the time ranks, when you hit a certain time rank you will then be able to unlock a knife which you can use and show off ingame.


Click Here for the time ranks.



Click here for the rules.




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