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Update: DarkRP has reopened! The IP is "" come and join in!
An intro to Prowbar
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An intro to Prowbar


My name is Prowbar (previous RP name was DerHoffmann)
I know it is a bit late to introduce myself, but I now feel the need to do it haha Big Grin

My IRL name is David, i'm from Holland (i do speak English, maybe not the best grammar, but i learn to speak english better everyday Tongue)

I found this server thanks to BioQuake. Were friends, but argue alot sometimes though.

St1gsRoleplay for me has to been the most enjoyable server i came across, best lets not talk about that now Sad (maybe another time)

The jobs i mostly play has to be S.W.A.T, and New Republic and i tried Meth Cook last time, with success. I'm not the kind of mugging, kidnapping criminal, but love shooting and police raids.
I do have an itchy trigger finger, but i try to follow the rules on the server as good as possible.

Maybe one time i'll try to apply for staff, but i have two bans (so i can't apply for now), but those bans were not valid (one time my gmod crashed when an admin tp'ed me, and the other time i had a very lucky shot as a hitman and i got banned after (by ray Exclamation)

I wan't without being a part from the staff, a valuable member from St1gsRoleplay and do something against the trolls, mingers and RDMers where the GMOD community is rich from.


Me when people think they can become moderator with way too less playtime
[Image: tumblr_lrmb1idaMd1qgo6hso1_500.gif]

Welcome to the forum Big Grin
[Image: newsoul.gif]

Welcome nerdling Heart
[Image: 2f2B43m.jpg]
disclaimer; original image of the fennec fox furry not made by me used on the basis of fair use to not gain any income or attraction what so ever

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