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Update: DarkRP has reopened! The IP is "" come and join in!
Bio's 9001st staff app
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Bio's 9001st staff app

First Name: Kevin

Age: 15

SteamID (You can find it from Steamidfinder.com): STEAM_0:1:47098427

Steam Name: BîøQúâk£

Ingame Name: BioQuake

Do You Have A Microphone?: Yes

Current Server play time in hours: over 250 Hours

What is your current experience: I used to be moderator on a server that shut down quite a while ago.

Why do you wish to administrate the server ?: to keep the server fun for everybody to play and to clean the server from trolls, minges and RDMers

How can you benefit us ?: I am quite active and I am mostly on when there is no other staff online, this is when I get to work with helping people and keeping trolls away.
Also, I have noticed that sometimes there is a too big player/staff ratio, for instance there are 25 players on the server, and only 1 staff member.

Have You Ever Been Kicked/Banned?: I have had 1 kick and 1 ban, but got unbanned, i have learned to not mess around with the admins anymore and have apologized to all admins involved

How did you hear about us ? I was looking for a fun RP server and randomly joined St1gsRoleplay, from then on I haven't joined any other server.

Explain RDM And Give An Example: RDM stands for Random DeathMatch which means a player killing a player without Raiding/Mugging. Example: Player A walks around town when all of a sudden, Player B shoots player A and kills him. This is RDM

Explain NLR And Give An Example: NLR stands for New Life Rule which means that when a player dies,they forget everything from their last live and they cannot come back or revenge the player within 5 minutes, even placing a hit on the person who killed the player, is NLR.
Coming back to the player A and B example: Now that player A has died, he is not allowed to come back to the place where he died, or revenge the player for 5 minutes. If a player does revenge within 5 minutes, they can get a warning (or in rare occasions the player will be kicked)

Explain FailRP And Give An Example: FailRP is when a player does not follow the real life rules of a job, for example when a Banker mugs a citizen, it is considered FailRP

Explain Meta-Gaming And Give An Example: Meta-Gaming is when Player A says something like "Player B, go gundealer and sell me weapons!". In short, Meta-Gaming is when someone says something in OOC, while its supposed to be said in IC.

Explain FearRP And Give An Example: FearRP means you have to fear the gun, for instance: Player A mugs Player B, Player A is not allowed to pull out a gun, because that is breaking FearRP.
FearRP is in short, if someone is mugging/kidnapping you, you can not pull out a gun.
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Go ahead, make my day
-Prowbar Harry
Me when people think they can become moderator with way too less playtime
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I say aye!

Sorry bio, but i say no.

(And btw, you have been banned multiple times...)

You guys are not even staff, opinions are apreciated though.

(05-22-2015, 11:21 AM)Krosis Wrote: Sorry bio, but i say no.

(And btw, you have been banned multiple times...)

Please, dont bring real life stuff into this, this is purely about the rp server, and not our irl.... "Relationship"
[Image: newsoul.gif]

Am I spotting a love and hate relationship

Sexual Frustration.

+Kek on app

-sup as much as I luv yo. Yo been banned and kicked a lot.
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[Image: KerLbb.gif]
[Image: 76561198082324135.png]

I'm gonna have to -sup
simply due to the many issues you have on the server every time you're on, if you were more friendly and didn't rage at everyone or start fights every single time you were online my opinion might change.
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disclaimer; original image of the fennec fox furry not made by me used on the basis of fair use to not gain any income or attraction what so ever

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