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Update: DarkRP has reopened! The IP is "" come and join in!
Hello Everyone, today I am going to talk to you about moths
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Hello Everyone, today I am going to talk to you about moths

Hi everyone,

I'm Moth Boy 420 (RP name DRZ_Moth_Boy_420), IRL name James. Found the server via CPU 1 (we're IRL friends) and have been playing on the server on-and-off for a few months now. Became hooked not because of the game play, but primarily on how vibrant the community felt (seeing banter between staff etc.), and have been ever since.
I apologise if I'm a bit slow with anything tech-related, I went to a Steiner school from ages 6-11 which as part of the Waldorf education shuns gaming, violence etc. and so with only just getting into gaming in the past year or so the learning curve has been pretty steep. I try to now and again uphold the Waldorf value of non-violence so now and again so might pick quite pacifist jobs, though everyone loves a bit of senseless slaughter here and there.
I genuinely like moths (hence my name), it isn't anything ironic really (except the '420'), however I don't collect as I'm a 'born-again' moth-er that feels only photographs are necessary in most cases.
But anyway, also a fan of a bit of satire and the ironic memes, and hope to enjoy this community for a while yet.


Moth Boy

(Signature pic ain't mine by the way it's just a pic of a pretty sick moth)
[Image: small_dark_yellow_underwing_2143_stuart_read-web.jpg]

you are really nice guy i remember you in darkrp, welcome anyways enjoy and have fun Big Grin
[Image: PR8doOP.png]

Thanks Havoc, I hope to.
[Image: small_dark_yellow_underwing_2143_stuart_read-web.jpg]

Welcome new/old friend, enjoy your stay
[Image: 2f2B43m.jpg]
disclaimer; original image of the fennec fox furry not made by me used on the basis of fair use to not gain any income or attraction what so ever

Thanks Mugai
[Image: small_dark_yellow_underwing_2143_stuart_read-web.jpg]

Welcome dude Smile

[Image: 1359853667.gif]
[Image: KerLbb.gif]
[Image: 76561198082324135.png]

[Image: RPERQB9.gif]
[Image: 76561198068318083.png]

Moths are scary tho

Cheers everyone
[Image: small_dark_yellow_underwing_2143_stuart_read-web.jpg]

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