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Update: DarkRP has reopened! The IP is "" come and join in!
Abusive Admin
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Abusive Admin

Name of the player: BioQuake
Reported players steamID: STEAM_0:1:47098427
Which server did this happen on? DarkRP
Time(In GMT): 6pm
Description: BioQuake was essentially bullying people out of a public job. Him and his friends (Krosis, DrD00M and prowbar) became new republic and changed their job name to Combine. They was then saying that no one could join them and that no one could have that job. My friend, BlitzExtreme, who is also a trial mod recorded a video of him telling me to change my job and then swearing when I said I will just work by myself. I then got kicked about 4 minutes after this incident for prop block and Failrp. The Failrp was technically true, as I had printers in my base whilst I was a new republic, however I was only that job to help prove that these guys were bullying people out of a public job. But it was also for prop block and this was not true, my keypad was hidden. BioQuake didn't even check properly or ask me if there was a keypad, he just warned me and it kicked me for reaching the threshold, so I lost my base and my stuff for no reason. I then joined back and became new republic again, I then recorded DrD00M telling me to change from a public job and that he was killing anyone impersonating their custom job. but its not their custom job as they have not paid for it. It is a public job and they have no right to do this.

Evidence: BioQuake being abusive when I changed to combine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I85Bn6ix...e=youtu.be

Me showing where I placed the keypads in my base and for what I done it for, also more abusive behavior from BioQuake and DrDoom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMA5LaDm...e=youtu.be

+sup All of this is true and i will back this thread 100% I would also like to point out that prowbar already made a staff complaint towards BioQuake and there was alot of stuff that came up in that too, i would like people to take that into mind when judging this. This is a link to his previous complaint: http://www.st1gdr1fter15.co.uk/forum/sho...p?tid=2914

If this is true, As it seems on the videos. I would like to hear BioQuake Explain all off this.
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy.gif]

He cant explain his abusive ways, the facts show that he has been out of order and does not desserve to be apart of this staff team.

Trying to bully him out of the job;
I see that baggins had changed his jobname to their jobname(teamname), if they do not want him in their team he has to revert back to the standard state of the job.
New republic that is.

Getting bio inside of admin sit, saying something and returning him isn't really having a talk or a normal discussion either.
You got warned by havoc to stop and report but you still continued the argument.
Offending a mod telling him he's stupid.

I dont see any proof of him abusing?
He called you anoying, pin in his arshole or whatever. That's all.

At the end of the day, they cant stop someone from doing /job combine. It is not a custom job they paid for therefore they have no right to tell someone to change from it and at the end of the day the rules to new republic still apply to them. And swearing at a player because he has a job name, i class as out of order.

Guys, we love the half life series and decided to play combine. We are doing this for a long time now. But always all the kids join and we hate them because they are getting annoying. So we tell them to leave and they begin to whine. Thats why we made a sign: we dont to recruits and guess what? Blitz and some dildo guy change job to combine and think they can participate. We tell them not to and they complain about us how they are allowed blabla. Thats the whole story.

And i get pretty pissed off by this

Me when people think they can become moderator with way too less playtime
[Image: tumblr_lrmb1idaMd1qgo6hso1_500.gif]

No, we said fine and we said we would just go of by ourselves but then you said we couldn't do that either, so how about tell the whole story and not just what suits you.

Isn't that a bit of a hypocrite comment since there are only small parts taped of what happened?

Because we had already takenover the pd! Theres nothing for you to do anymore. And im telling not what suits myself
Me when people think they can become moderator with way too less playtime
[Image: tumblr_lrmb1idaMd1qgo6hso1_500.gif]

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