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Update: DarkRP has reopened! The IP is "" come and join in!
Samazer Staff Application
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Samazer Staff Application

First Name: Sam

Age: 14

SteamID (You can find it from Steamidfinder.com): STEAM_0:0:58967715

Steam Name: [SG] Samazer

Ingame Name: Samazer

Do You Have A Microphone?: Yes

Current Server play time in hours: ~225

What is your current experience: I love the server and I am friends with most of the common players, most people know me, and i am friends with some of the admins. I spend most of my time on the server and enjoy every second of it.

Why do you wish to administrate the server ?: I want to help make the server better, I hate when a player comes along and starts breaking the rules, it is worse when an admin is not there to help. also recently the server has gained lots of popularity meaning admins have a lot on their hands and i want to just help out.

How can you benefit us ?: Helping stop rule breakers and Help new players understand darkrp. I am on the server a lot so i can make sure everything is going smoothly.

Have You Ever Been Kicked/Banned?: I have never been banned but i think i might of been kicked but not sure.

How did you hear about us ? Lurking around gmod server lists.

Explain RDM And Give An Example: RDM is Random Death Match it is when a player kills a player outside of the rules. for example a player is walking along and he pulls out a gun and kills a hitman that annoyed him.

Explain NLR And Give An Example: NLR is New Life Rule, When you die you have to forget everything from the past life, so no going back and getting revenge and no getting himen on the player that killed you (for killing you).

Explain FailRP And Give An Example: FailRP is not following your job role. ex. Police are meant to remove illegal items so if a police has money printers its FailRP.

Explain Meta-Gaming And Give An Example: Meta gaming is an out of character action. So a player knowing something that their character wouldnt know.

Explain FearRP And Give An Example: FearRP means if someone has a gun to your head you have to act scared and follow what they say, Pulling a gun, running away or killing yourself is not allowed. Ex. If you get kidnaped by someone who has a gun and then pull out a gun and shoot them thats FearRP.

+sup nice player always active

-sup Farms hours, has been kicked and warned a few times.
[Image: 1359853667.gif]
[Image: KerLbb.gif]
[Image: 76561198082324135.png]

+sup helped me out a LOT when i was moderating alone, good guy and very active
[Image: 76561198155648170.png]

i know that im not trial-mod yet but. you got demoted from trial-mod and ive had other broblems with you.
Pray Crimson Shadow kappa.

-sup I don't think its a good idea to be mod to two servers it would be better if you concentrate on one also I agree with what panda said you do go afk for a long time

From my perspective he has been active on dark rp.
He does go afk now and then but when he's back he just acts like a good player.
He understands the rules now and helps out when needed.

Swaggers you say I know I'm not trial mod yet that you are certain you will get mod

+double sup Awesome dude very active has learnt a lot

We kinda fell out when I said he broke some rules
Sadly he got demoted, I didn't want him to get demoted
Just to stay as the rank but learn the rules.
Now we are good friends basing together and makin gun shops and things

Good look man

[Image: dancing-banana.gif]

He wasn't demoted because of any rulebreaking.


Edit: Only staff can post

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