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Update: DarkRP has reopened! The IP is "" come and join in!
Mod Application
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Mod Application

DarkRP Staff Application Template
First Name:Liam


SteamID (You can find it from Steamidfinder.com):

Steam NameBig GrinRZ_Cyriss

Ingame Name:Cyriss

Do You Have A Microphone?:Yes

Current Server play time in hours:119

What is your current experience:Ive been mod on a basewars server and been very good to be a admin on it since the owner pc is broke and he shut donw the server.

Why do you wish to administrate the server ?:Becasue this server is my main server and i know very nice admins and donated to this server because how good it is.

How can you benefit us ?:Im very active and greatful and reply quickly to the rdmers cdmers or any rules breakers and bring justice to them

Have You Ever Been Kicked/Banned?:Yes kicked

How did you hear about us ? Well i was looking for a new DarkRP server and found this one since sounded very cool.

Explain RDM And Give An Example:RDM if a gangster rdms any other job for no reason at all and some are trollers and do it for fun then you get warned.

Explain NLR And Give An Example:NLR is where you get killed then you return and kill them in a raid or anything else.

Explain FailRP And Give An Example:Is where a Cop and a Rebel team up and build a base and raid the PD even the Cop is part of PD.

Explain FearRP And Give An Example:Is where your getting mugged and you kill them by pulling a gun out or being kidnaped then run away from it.

Grammar is non existent xD. Are you sure you're 15?

-sup, explanations are vague, had difficulties with you.
[Image: 1359853667.gif]
[Image: KerLbb.gif]
[Image: 76561198082324135.png]

I like you but i think you can put a little more effort into the Application (Mostly your grammar).
Right now it would be a -sup
[Image: HT7rOBu.gif]

+sup nice guy on quite a lot

Good luck

[Image: dancing-banana.gif]


+sup, he is 24/7 on
[Image: PR8doOP.png]

Last couple of days I have seen you on the server, not for long since I tend to go afk a lot but to the point,
You are active and I don't think I have seen any staff member warn you, so you didn't break any rules either, correct me if I am wrong.
Since the staff all +sup this I will put it on pending and over the next few days there will be a decision made.


How long till it happens.

In due time.
[Image: 1359853667.gif]
[Image: KerLbb.gif]
[Image: 76561198082324135.png]


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