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Update: DarkRP has reopened! The IP is "" come and join in!
Big Refresh And a Huge Addon Proposition !
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Big Refresh And a Huge Addon Proposition !

Welcome my friends, today i will show you some cool addons/jobs or sweps.

Lets start out, Jobs.
1. Explosives Gun Dealer = He would sell explosives like : C4's, Grenades or even Matadors.

2. Barman (Something Like That) = He can sell alcohol and ciggarets legal.

3. PickPotecker = Can pickpoteck other players when they dont see.

4. Kitchen Chef = He can make some bigger food using some ingredients that cook can buy, and an oven.

Some new stuff/bugfixes.
1. Add weed plants to the server = If you dont have enough money to buy printers, or you just dont have time to build a gunshop, plant your own weed plant ! It would cost 500 $ and if it gets level 5 then you can sell it for 5 k, also you need to water it so it can grow.

2. Sit anywhere script = You can sit on your own chair without buying an dang car, useful if you are building an office etc.

3. That you can actually buy food. = You cant buy food as a cook, and the hunger bar goes down very slowly, you should speed up the hunger bar falling rate.

4. Perm Inventory. = So you can actually store soms cool guns.

5. New printers = You can add some new upgredable printers, gives you some more momey and you can also lvl up to get better tier printers.

6. PointShop = You can create your unique player model and add some extra effects to it :p

7. New HUD = This one is old and dosent have most features that TCB huds have.

8. Notiboards = So you can advertise yours shop without opening chat every 30 seconds, cool and useful.

9. Goverment Money = The mayor can set the % of the taxs for citizens and police, he can make a payday for police, steal some money from it, and buy guns for police.

10. New PlayerModels = Just to refresh the server, looks great and makes the server looks better.

11. Change the Map = This version of downtown is very old, should update it or just change the map.

12. 911/ Emerygency Phone = Everyone can call police to their houses if someone is shooting them or stealed their car.

13. Police Taser = Police can taze people and can punish them without violence.

14. Handcuffs = Just to make sure that no one will escape.

15. Wending Machines = So you can buy food when theres no cooks on the server.

Thank you for watching !


1. Explosive Gun Dealer. Was recently removed from the server as people abused the grenade launchers and wont be returning.

2. Barman. Thats a cool idea and i think i might add that.

3. PickPocketer. Ive been looking at these type of addons for some time and expect it in soon.

4. Kitchen Chef. Well We Need to fix food first xD

Stuff/Bug Fixes

1.Weed Plants. I Have been looking at these type of addons for some time but im waiting for the right one but i have been eyeing one.

2. Sit Anywhere Script. Ive always wanted this since day one but ive never actually added it due to the fact it is very abusable and exploitable to the fact you can glitch into bases etc.

3. Food you can Actually Buy. We Are currently working on a fix and have been for some time.

4. Perm Inventory. It was removed ages ago due to causing lag spikes but may be returned.

5. New Printers. I Have been Eyeing one addon.

6. Pointshop. I have been thinking about it and if i was to add it it would most likely be for donators and be a HatShop.

7. New HUD. A few months ago we had a discussionon it but we have yet to find a suitable hud for the server.

8. NoticeBoards. That could be cool but at the same time i have another idea.

9. Goverment Money. Most Likely not gonna do this as the current bank addon gives a percentage of money to the goverment for protecting the vault.

10. New PlayerModels. Going to stay the same at the moment.

11. Change The Map. At the moment i am Currently Editing rp_Downtown_v4c_v2 and making it custom for the server. For a sneak peak of the first picture which ive released click HERE.

12. Phone. Maybe, used to have a phone addon but was not used very often.

13. Taser. We used to have a taser addon but was MAJORLY abused.

14. HandCuffs. Used to have but was MAJORLY Abused. Looking for a new Handcuff addon atm.

15. Vending machines. Im planning on making these so that if there is no cook online then you can buy the food otherwise they will be unavailable and you will need to go to the cook.

Damn This is alot of typing xD
[Image: RPERQB9.gif]
[Image: 76561198068318083.png]

You need to post links with these so people can check them out. I disagree with the following:
2, 5, 6, 9, 13 for the following reasons;
2. Sit anywhere can be exploited I think, I requested this before and that's what I was told.
5. I don't think we need them, once you get to a high enough level you can make millions in about half an hour. It's just not needed.
6. People have paid to have their own custom jobs with playermodels (myself included), also seems unnecessary for RP. We don't need Shrek dealing guns for example.
9. People will become mayor just to give themselves and their friends cash. Would be abused.
13. Seen this on other servers, it gets abused massively. I disagree with this one the most.

The other ideas are ok and seem (to me) like they should be looked into further.
[Image: 76561198155648170.png]

Same as stig BUT I have something to add to it.

If we get a other hud it will automatically fix our cook.
The guy that made our current hud is chinese and does not do support tickets or any other thing to help us out.
Basically what the guy forgot is a big piece of code that would support the food spawnage.
Getting a new hud will simply fix this.

About the vending machines,
A new addon came out with about 6 models that can be used the same way as a microwave can.
I can replace the model and the foodmodel that comes out so basically I can or should be able to make vending machines.
Then again we need the hud to either be fixed or replaced in order to get the food roling.

We have also been looking at the CSGO knifes, about 50 of em.
It is one big addon that I want to have inplemented into the server.
In what way? The mysterybox.
Imagine 50+ knifes in there and 50 chances to get a knife, I will have to search up some lua code to make a price to open the chest.
This way we can guarantee CSGO unboxings without having to add big addons.

edit: I could also copy the box multipple times, give them different names, add in weapons the same way as csgo does and only add in 1 knife per box.

I am talking big plans here and this will take a long long time to realise.

If you want to add some new weapons/entites to darkrp we should really add perma inventory.

Seems Awesome but the money fresh start will the doantor will get the package because i am Gold-VIP?

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