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Cyriss Application.
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Cyriss Application.

First Name:Liam


SteamID (You can find it from Steamidfinder.com):STEAM_0:1:72389866

Steam Name:Cyriss

Ingame Name:Cyriss

Do You Have A Microphone?:Getting one soon

Current Server play time in hours:1 Week 2 Days 1 Hour

What is your current experience:I've been a Mod on a DeathRun server for about 5 months now and very active on it.

Why do you wish to administrate the server ?:Because i like helping out new players and telling them to read our rules.Make sure they dont Mass RDM or somthing.

How can you benefit us ?:I am very skilled and good at finding the turth to the RDM,RDA,etc...

Have You Ever Been Kicked/Banned?:2 Kicks 0 Times Banned

How did you hear about us ? I was told by a very good friend i know since i was 7 years old at the time.

Explain RDM And Give An Example:RDM is where a player kills somone for no reason at all known as RDM which is ramdom at any time and with a Non RP job.

Explain NLR And Give An Example:NLR is where a player dies in a Raid,Mug,Kidnap,Bank Raid,Carjack,PD Raid and they return where they die and kill the person whos attacking there base.

Explain FailRP And Give An Example:FailRP is where a S.W.A.T,Police Officer etc..
Teams up with a Rebel,Gangster,Hobo etc..

Explain Meta-Gaming And Give An Example:Meta-Gaming is where somone says where they are or where they want to meet with someone in OOC /OOC Cyriss:Im at the PD come to me.

Explain FearRP And Give An Example:FearRP is where you run away from a Mug,Kidnap and pull a gun out and kill then which is a warn for fearRP or run away completely from them which is a warn too.For all of these.

+sup good guy

-Sup Duo to having problems with you before.
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i just wanna tell that he has rdm'd me alot and everything like that.

Mafu you cause it by talking shit to me since i joined and they are not rdm i would of had 16 warns which i dont so its not RDM

(11-23-2015, 03:52 PM)Cyriss Wrote: Mafu you cause it by talking shit to me since i joined and they are not rdm i would of had 16 warns which i dont so its not RDM

No. No. No. No. and No. You have rdmd me like 10 times in theese past 2 weeks....

Likely, that happened please show the evidience to me.

*grabs popcorn*
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XD same here


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