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Admins Name: Panda
Time in GMT and date: 7:38 - 7:41
Description: I was Role-Playing as Taxi Driver. I was taking some guy somewhere. Panda was stood in the road and I accidently bump him, he wasn't damaged. But he decided to follow my taxi everywhere and shoot at it. He then kills me when I get out. I remove my NLR zone ( Cos believe me this have nothing to do with RP )
Evidence: Could not get any, he pissed me of so much.[/align]
[Image: dancing-banana.gif]

wow this is so fucking good

*grabs popcorn*

-sup Howard you can't make a report thread without evidence... Plus even if you didn't damage him but you still hit him he has a right to shoot back so technically you abused your powers by noclipping in RP and removing your zone whilst being killed for a reason

would make a complaint about howard but i have no evidence sadly xD

Howard, this humours me. Let's not forget you picked up me and Carlos car and smashed it against the tunnel ceiling and killed me 10/10 not abuse.

When you hit me you took down half my health so I shot you, you then abused to remove your nlr and no clip back. You then hit me again putting me to 1hp and I killed you again.

Congratulations you made a thread for your own demote.

Carlo can back me up for physgun and no clip abuse.
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Completely invalid demote request, closed.
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