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Point reward on map completion/win
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Point reward on map completion/win

Basically I think that it would be a good idea to introduce a system so if you complete the map you get points and if you win it you get points.

for what server?
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[Image: 76561198068318083.png]

Deathrun, he plays deathrun a lot.
Not sure if there is an addon/option for this though.
[Image: jHvYeHj.png]

There is. Since the deathrun update ages ago ive been wanting to add this feature in but the only two addons out there which you can do this (links below), the devs dont have an active dev subscription so i cannot buy them. Im trying to contact them but so far no response.

[Image: RPERQB9.gif]
[Image: 76561198068318083.png]

That is a shame.

I dont know if this idea is possible but a tracker it records how many wins you have.

Its a nice idea but im pretty sure that is not possible im afraid.
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