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It was fun for the time being.
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It was fun for the time being.

Herro, its Wub. Since i havent been active for a long time i think its time to say bai.

Mostly CSGO and Rust has taken over me, and i no longer enjoy administrating servers. I feel like i should have made this post a long time ago, but i just didn't feel for leaving yet. But since SG seems to be dying and there aint much time left, i felt like i must atleast leave some sorta shitty goodbye.

I'm sorry that i didn't do as much as i maybe should have done when i actually was an active member. It was really fun tho, and i made some new friends. But everything comes to an end. Hope this aint too cringey, just needed to get this over with.

PS: I wont be removing anyone from friendlist, feel free to remove me tho if needed.

Here's a really shit sad melody that i totally didn't take from youtube.

[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: choice-5558cb7b60103-default.jpeg]

Sad Cya wub we had some good times but i guess this is ur last disappearing trick Sad enjoy life Smile

rip good b wub u fkn fgt
[Image: 76561198155648170.png]

cya wubfag ;(
[Image: HT7rOBu.gif]

Cya wub.
[Image: RPERQB9.gif]
[Image: 76561198068318083.png]

Cya MLG fgt xD
[Image: cb809b50.jpg][Image: anime-love-wallpaper-wallarc-love-1501291398.jpg]

My revitalized time
jet typical fancy oppressed noha

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