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Update: DarkRP has reopened! The IP is "" come and join in!
New maps| player models| new things ?
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New maps| player models| new things ?

Hi, I was thinking of maybe adding some more player models for people who have got loads of spare st1g points because when they have everything in the workshop it kind of gets to the point where you feel like you've completed the game, however adding some more expensive player models would give another achievement for a player to get because it's more expensive. I've conjured up some ideas and just say which ones you think will be good Smile!



-Kermit the frog
-right shark
-mr. meeseeks
-doll player
-Finn adventure time

- spongebob


- more accessories
Much info such wow

Random bits

Joining music ( I can send good music (non copywrited))
New plugins
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