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So hello everyone its me Mafu or Marcus. Today i have decided that im going to end my carreer on St1gdr1fter15 server's and forum. The reason why im leaving is because my family has a bigger problem now and well i dont have a lot of time. You may add me if you wanna know what the problem is. The years i have been on stigs have been the most fun i have ever had and i will never forget this server. I wanna thank a lot of people now. GroundHog you are the one who made me always play even if i didint tell you. You were the inspiration of me. North. Well you are a damn bear. No one can hate bears. Howard. Thanks for the rp moments and the help you have given to me. Prow. You are the one i will always remember, you let me talk the shit out of me and you will listen. You are the one who helped me with ground and got me to this point im standing now writing this letter to someone if there is someone alive still. If i missed someone it's just cause there is so many i wanna thank but then it would take me too long.
Love you all full homo. Goodbye and i hope you all have the brightest future.

Its hard being a chat-mod when people dont give a fu*k about admins sits and run away.


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