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St1g Gaming's Forums - Board Statistics
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Board Statistics
Totals Averages
Posts: 4,632
Threads: 953
Members: 5,348
Posts per day: 3.52
Threads per day: 0.73
Members per day: 4.07
Posts per member: 0.87
Threads per member: 0.18
Replies per thread: 3.86
Newest Member: kabelsis
Members who have posted: 4.84%
Today's top poster: Nobody (0 posts)
Most popular forum: Suggestion Zone (671 posts, 156 threads)
Top referrer: St1gDr1fter15 (12 referrals)

Most Popular...
Most Replied To Threads Most Viewed Threads
Music! (61 replies)
BioQuake staff abuse and annying behaviour (57 replies)
Abusive Admin (37 replies)
BlitzExtreme's Staff Application (31 replies)
Windows 10 (31 replies)
Map Poll (31 replies)
The Colombian Mercenaries (28 replies)
Mod Application (28 replies)
Samazer Staff Application (25 replies)
Cyriss Application. (24 replies)
BlitzExtreme Moderator Abuse. (23 replies)
Bio's 9001st staff app (21 replies)
Unfair ban (21 replies)
Mod App (21 replies)
Bug Fixes (57,227 views)
Update From maintanance! (55,115 views)
Music! (52,159 views)
St1gsRoleplay Updates Part 2! (51,446 views)
BioQuake staff abuse and annying behaviour (40,918 views)
New Website Design Soon! (38,176 views)
St1gsRoleplay UPDATES!!! (36,190 views)
Sprays! (25,983 views)
Abusive Admin (25,448 views)
BlitzExtreme's Staff Application (23,899 views)
Windows 10 (21,486 views)
Update (20,421 views)
TTT UPDATE! YES ITS ALIVE! (19,978 views)
Map Poll (19,774 views)
Mod App (18,958 views)


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