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Update: DarkRP has reopened! The IP is "" come and join in!


General Rules

Obey All Staff Orders.

Do Not Wear The [SG] Tag. This Is For Staff Only. You Are Allowed To Wear [SG:M] Tag To Show Your Support!

Want to make a suggestion or say hi? Go to http://st1gdr1fter15.co.uk/forum

Admins can be communicated with by using either steam, ingame '@' symbol, ingame ooc chat, teamspeak and /pm name.

Please respect our staff, they do not get paid but help you out with everything, without them you would be surrounded by rule breakers constantly, being disrespectful towards them will lead to a harsh punishment, depending on the staff's needs.


1. Do not micspam/chatspam

2. Do not spam, be racist or harass other players.

3. Do not have any porn sprays.

4. Do not unnecessarily delay the round.

5. Do not use offensive names.

6. Do not Grief.

7. Do not stay in a specific room with only 1 entrance for more than 30 seconds. This is considered camping. EG: Staying in Traitor Room.

8. Do not AFK/Point farm/ Time farm.

9. Do not intentionally teamkill or do anything to harm/delay someone (Blocking with props ETC).

10. Do not beg for points. If you continue it will lead to a warning.

11. Do not troll in anyway.


Innocent and Detective Rules

1. Do not kill players without any sort of proof of them being a Traitor. This is considered as RDM (Random deathmatch)

2. Do not false KOS other players. (Kill on sight).

3.Do not randomly throw grenades. This could lead to a warning.

4. Do not kill any AFK's. If you spot an AFK then please report it to a staff member.

5. Do not revenge RDM someone else who killed you in a previous round.

6. Do not go AFK during a round. If you are AFK for more than two rounds you will be kicked.



Traitor Rules

1. Do not kill other Traitors on purpose. An accidental kill on another Traitor would be such as blowing yourself up and them being in the radius.



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